Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Vampire Diaries' Damon


  1. omg...his eyes kills me:X:X:x hi is f#cking hot:D:D

  2. i love him..... it so hot :X:X:X

    and his eyes :X::X oo my god ..X::X:X

    i think that its the most beautiful man :X:X:

    love him :X

  3. Love the vampire diaries its amazing. Damon is so cute even as a vampire. Love every minute of it. Cant take my eyes of the television.

  4. I love Damon Salvatore they picked the perfect actor to play him. Ian is just is just so cute and perfect for the show. I also love Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore but I prefer Damon because he is a lot more cute and bloody.

    The blood brothers rule.

  5. Oh.I very love Vampire Diaries))
    The blood brothers is really rule!Ian very very cute and good actor.Paul not as cute as Ian.
    One year ago I saw Twilight and I think what it is the best.But 1 mounth ago I started watching Vampire Diaries and now I think,what Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight)))

  6. oh damon
    ur eyes sparkle like a blue crystal stone
    Oh stefan
    ur strong noble and cute
    oh elena
    ur pretty and not scared of anything
    oh katherine
    ur strong and is in love with them both (i started watching ur show bout 10weekes ago